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Services & Expertise

We have extensive experience in varied systems of care (children/family/youth services, homelessness, and domestic violence/sexual assault), nonprofit networks, compliance and assessment, arts, human services, and healthcare. In addition, our lived experience directly informs our work and values. If you don’t see a service listed here, it doesn’t mean we can’t help! We have nearly three decades of nonprofit experience and we offer assistance on any issue you may encounter in the public sphere.

Our small business consulting includes: website & logo design, marketing, communications, SEO, algorithms, customer targeting, video work, team & leadership building, and more!


We will work with your budget! Contact us at for a free quote & a free 1 hour consult.

Researching and Writing
Grant Writing

Fundraising is foundational for any nonprofit and grant writing is the most lucrative of all development tools. Whether you need a primer on grant writing or experienced assistance with researching and applying for grants, we've got you covered!

Strategic Planning

Successful nonprofits create long-term, organization-wide goals to fulfill their mission and values. Whether you want to work in one, two, or three year timeframes, we can help make strategic planning not only less stressful, but fun and engaging! We work from what is important to your nonprofit and build strategic, attainable, and measurable goals you can actually use in your everyday work.

Getting Started

You have a vision and see a need in the community so you decide to start your own nonprofit. But where do you go from here? How do you put your vision into action?

We can help you develop your mission, values, bylaws, initial funding, your first board of directors, and other best practices to get you started.

Business Meeting
Board Development & Executive Director Leadership Consulting

A nonprofit board of directors steers the vision of a nonprofit and guards the sustainability of an organization by making wise financial decisions. Executive Directors lead the work of the organization to fulfill the mission and goals as well as manage employees.

There are a lot of misconceptions about what a board of directors can and should do on behalf on an organization. A board of directors that makes few or no decisions indicates the executive director has too much control and a board that gets stuck in the weeds is not letting the executive director lead.

We can help your board and executive director strike a balance between these two extremes. We will help you think through what kinds of board members are most productive to serve your mission. We will also help facilitate healthy communication and ideation of board members and the executive director, especially as to the strategic vision of the nonprofit.

Man Preparing to Fly a Plane
Preparing for and Managing Crises

A recession devastates the economy. A pandemic threatens your ability to meet grant deliverables and work in your office space. The news is suddenly scrutinizing your executive director's salary. Is your nonprofit ready for when the worst strikes?

We can help you prepare infrastructure to mitigate crises in the first place as well as assist you in making wise decisions in the middle of a storm.

Nonprofit Compliance & Best Practices

How does unemployment, workers' compensation, and employment law work? What about the IRS? When do you need to consult an attorney?


Navigating 501(c)(3) compliance can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be! We can help you decide if lobbying is right for you and how to stay right with the law. We can also go over best practices and risk management to reduce the likelihood of embezzlement and other wrongdoing.

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