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We put our clients first! Our service is about visioning, partnering, and making a difference. We listen to the needs and interests of our nonprofit and small business clients to provide intimate and quality counsel. We give our clients the tools to succeed so they can be independent and flourish.

"We thank Prairie Phoenix so much for helping with recommendations to revisions in our contract for clients and improving our onboarding process. We are onboarding five new clients this week and being able to make those adjustments and set expectations early on is going to be so helpful. I can't even begin to thank Schuyler enough -- her suggestions were everything we were needing and more! We are so excited to be growing! Every day we are getting closer to our dream of opening up a second location."

Sophie from Grand Mountain Rentals, CO (2022)

"Amazing! A lot of information, but was also interactive and allowed for personal experiences to come  in. Knew a lot about the topic while still interested in hearing what audience members had to say. Had firsthand experience with the topics at hand and a solid knowledge of popular opinions, societal views, etc. on topic. The topic was very good and applicable for the population we work with."

"This speaker was so knowledgeable and relatable. So much of what he said directly correlates to why we do service, and I think that was a helpful and healthy conversation for [us] to have."


"...relatable and...relevant information. Great presentation and workshop."

Attendee from the "Poverty: Reality and Trends” workshop at the 2019 ServeNebraska Conference

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